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Roy & Christina Sturgeon started Flying Cross Ranch  in 2013 after seeing the need for a place for people new to horses to learn about them and enjoy them. Roy grew up on the back of a horse, by the age of 16 he was at the race track riding races as a professional jockey. He has raced, jumped, team roped and started thousands of colts in his 34 year career. Roy is a wonderful teacher who has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and confident. Christina grew up around horses and spent the first 21 years of her working career at the race track learning from the bottom up. She worked as a groom learning every aspect of caring for a horse, and worked he way up to managing the race track. Roy & Christina's combined horse knowledge and business knowledge are not the only things that make the ranch what it is, they both share a passion for helping people. Flying Cross Ranch is not just about riding lessons, it is a place where people can come to build meaningful relationships and a sense of community. It is a place for you to feel a  sense of belonging, a place for family, where healing happens, and life skills are learned, where joy is experienced, where health returns and the stress of the world disappears. We are so excited that you have decided to allow us to join you in your journey with horses!

Our Team

Roy & Christina

Roy has spent  his entire life making a study of horses. He grew up on horseback and has ridden english, western, jumped, raced, team roped and started colts. You could not find a more patient and knowledgeable teacher than him. Roy loves to build confidence in people and will have you doing more then you every thought possible before you know it. Roy is also a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator.


Christina has spent her entire life working around horses, first as a groom and later managing the racetrack. She also has a background in graphic and web design. Christina develops programs & events, takes care of bookings, advertising, social media and the website. Christina is also an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator.

Aleshia Shaw

Aleshia literally grew up in a barn, spending days with her mom in the barn while she worked. Aleshia has been training everyday for the last 4 years with Roy, she likes to jump but is especially good working with young horses and with some advice from Roy has successfully started her own colt. Don't let Aleshia's age fool you, she is a knowledgeable teacher and teaches all of our 4 - 7 year old Pony Time programs.

Taylor Shaw

Taylor  grew up in the barn alongside Aleshia. Taylor loves to jump and is very dedicated to training herself and her horses in order to improve on what they have already achieved. Taylor will be the one that you find taking care of the many creatures that call Flying Cross Ranch home. She also take on ponies to ride for people, she is still small enough to ride them but rides at a higher level so she is the perfect person to help with ponies that are giving families trouble.

Lorne Hyvonen

Lorne has 30 years experience with horses, he currently owns 4 horses and uses them for cutting, roping & pleasure rides in the mountains. Lorne's background is in the Oil & Gas Industry and he is a Canadian registered safety professional. He is currently running his own safety consulting business for Oil & Gas as well as farms & ranches, helping them implement safety programs. Lorne is also a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator.